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To Sir, With Crank.

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What can we say? Temporal friction used to our advantage, and we'll survive. Is there something strange going on? Best not to worry about it!

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The gang goes to record a podcast, but finds out their rich uncle has just died and the will has gone missing! Will they make it to the paper mill in time, or will they spend all day drinking in the alley near the pool hall?

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Why not more Mario 64-like Mario for Selectbutton Podcast?  Only Charles knows.  Enjoy the Super Mario 64 episode!



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Werewolves, creamed corn, sorted shrimp. The death of 2018...the cast of our lives.


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select button dot net is proud to present a two-part Monster Hunter extravaganza.

In the High Rank episode, we stay focused a bit more and cover the larger omissions from the earlier episode: monsters at large, hunt dynamics, the grind loop, locales, and more… (Use a fancy-pants podcast app, and you'll get to enjoy chapter navigation and an array of relevant screenshots throughout this episode.)

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select button dot net is proud to present a two-part Monster Hunter extravaganza.

In the Low Rank episode, our panel rambles on about a variety of topics such as: mountain bosses, gripes about Frontier, whether it is acceptable to be anime or not, content reuse throughout the series, and world building. (Don’t fret, we didn’t restrict our discussion to Low Rank content.)


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Join us for our sixth Holiday Deathcast, where we endeavor to learn the true meaning of Deathcast. Thanks for joining us on the F2P Mobile Game Report!


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We discuss first and last video game memories in 60 minutes of endearing chaos, right at the start of our 2017 meet.  Join us for the first leg of our compelling ARG, in which we discover the source of the Pez candy.


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To hell with E3, the podcast arrives a month late to talk about an article that's already been completely forgotten.  Better yet, everyone shares their favorite storytelling techniques for interactive media. WORLD EXCLUSIVE!

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This episode: a desperate re-attempt to talk about videogame dungeons, sending us down a winding maze we shan't escape.

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Your host Dwight Rortugal leads you through an hour long venture into the world of games and gamer culture with the help of a few special friends.

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Wii Eulogy.

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Episode #78: Holiday Deathcast V: A Very Nuclear Winter

A Very Nuclear Winter, with the Select Button Dot Net Panel of Judges.

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Episode #77: If I Had a Rocket Launcher

The Bungie Episode.

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Podcast Episode #76: Select Button Podcast 64

The Select Button Panel of Judges talks ALL Nintendo 64, almost ALL of the time.

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Podcast Episode #75: The Super Select Button Podcast

The SNES episode.

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Podcast Episode #74:  Open-World Wonderland

We discuss games that have theme park styles designs -- whether done overtly (Super Mario Sunshine) or through a lack of cohesion in setting (many 16-bit era platformers).  Cool Spot 4 lyfe/Avoid the Noid!

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Podcast Episode #72: Rural Games

This episode we talk about games that are either set primarily in rural locations or employ rural locations in their narratives.  Also shrug goes "hog wild". 

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Podcast Episode 72:  THE 2016 BUTTON PUSHERS GAME AWARDS


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Episode #71: Holiday Deathcast IV; Dust Eater

There was a podcast here. Strange, now there's just a note that says "tell my family and friends that I loved them"?

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Episode #70: Licensed Nightmare

With the podcast back in full effect, we talk about the perception of licensed games and how that perception has changed over time.  

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Episode #69: Nontraditional Holds

This episode we delve into all manners of input devices, talking about ways they have (and haven't) changed over the decades.

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Episode 68: Shoot, Date, Hack, Save the Galaxy (Mass Effect)

The Mass Effect Podcast.  We take a look back at BioWare's space-opera superman date sim killstravaganza for some memories, some laughs, and a very timely review of Bethesda's Daggerfall. Get on your space boxer-briefs and get listenin'.

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Episode #67: Now and Then

This episode: a retrospective.  We reflect on the inception of our own website, do a bit of introspection on where we were as a community circa December 6, 2006, and where we've come since then.

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Episode #66: Countryside Romp & Stomp

A bit different from our last mech-related podcast, here.  This episode we talk about games that nail the feeling of being at the controls of a giant, massive, hulking machine, and there's also a long tangent about the downhill slide avalanche that is the Xeno series.  Don't miss it!  

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Episode #65: Rear Shield Adjustment

Actual flying in space is pretty flippin' complicated, it turns out, so in our space sim episode we talk about which games draw the line between fun and outright simulation.  We also talk about people who have a dangerous interest in EVE Online, the influence of Star Wars in pretty much every space dogfighting game, Wing Commander, and why no game has really given you the feeling of commanding on the bridge in Star Trek.  

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Episode #64: 9.9.99

Slightly overdue podcast returns in a hilarious special episode where Sonic has a misunderstanding at the office, Ryo gets in trouble with the principle, and Uncle Sega bets it ALL ON BLUE.  Tune in for nearly three hours of tears on the 13 birthday of the Dreamcast!

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Episode #63: What Goes Up

Before we got accustomed to pressing a button to duck behind things in dang near everything, jumping was the most common verb in gaming. We explore it in depth this episode.

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Episode #62: I Can't Use That Here

Did adventure games go into a coma with the downward slide of Sierra and Lucasarts, or did they never really go away?  

Find the hidden pixel in this podcast to find out!

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Episode # 61: DOS Amigos

Our DOS gaming podcast.  We talk about discovery through local BBS, shareware, figuring out X-COM sans manual, wardialing and the infleunce of ZZT on the custom content editors that come packaged with PC games to this day. 

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Episode #60: Gotta Go Fast

The assembled gang talks about speedrunning community, this years Awesome Games Done Quick, and get to the bottom of why anyone would want to speedrun an RPG.

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Episode #59: Holiday Deathcast III: SNOWED IN

A wonderful (and tardy) SB tradition.  Learn about Ubisoft's pro-life agenda, shrug's date-life agenda, copyright law, and enjoy hour and a half segment about infants in gaming.

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Episode #58: Arcade Story

Forum members Renfrew, Schwere Viper and Glitch swap stories about their arcade experiences over the years.

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Episode #57: Barkley X Kawazu

Developer Interview with Tales of Games about Barkley 2, plus an in-depth discussion about SaGa series creator Akitoshi Kawazu's body of work.

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Episode #56: Unsung Heroes

This episode is about that one game you like that no one else seems to like.  

...oh, you really don't like it?


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Episode #55: Speechless

This episode we explore the whimsical world of video game voice acting.

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Episode #54: Disappointments, etc.

The SBDNPC returns after a long hiatus with its most disappointing episode yet.

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Episode #53: Salmon Orange

The Salmon Orange Edition of our Pokémon episode.  Protips for getting three Butterfries perfectly framed in ONE SHOT.

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Episode #52: Spring Green

The Spring Green version of our Pokémon episode.  Join us as we attempt to reconstruct the tattered remains of a doomed cast.

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Episode #51: Metal Gear GONEline

No bullets in your rifle? Use your handgun. 

Empty handgun? Lob a grenade. No grenade? 

Salute and take your place in the universe. 

SelectButton's ALL-STAR CAST of MGOphiles tackle a farewell to Metal Gear Online in this vidcast journey through the game's play modes and special characters. Presented in stunning 720p! Don't forget to change your YouTube resolution to HD output! 

Featuring a special bonus guest appearance from's Nitroid, former admin of the world famous Metal Gear Solid: the Unofficial Site. 

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Episode #50: Future

AGAINST ALL ODDS the Select Button Podcast makes it to episode fifty, so we're celebrating by putting the brakes on the cynicism long enough to talk about the experiences we'd like to have in GAMES OF THE FUTURE.  

Well, not really. We just spend the whole two hours watching GTA San Andreas youtube videos, sobbing, and edging ever nearer to the Red Button.

Next Episode: Welcome to!

Link -

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Episode #49: Materia Witness

SQUARE-ENIX 2012: lauded Final Fantasy & Dairy Queen powerhouse or merely a financial buttress propping up the house of Eidos Interactive?  Against our better judgement we try to figure out what it is that Square is actually doing these days and why the hell are there so many zippers and oh god oh god is that what I think it is?

Stay tuned for the epic conclusion of the Keyblade War.  The Keyblade War.  The Keyblade Wa


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Episode #48: The Select Button Nintendo Cubecast

A lovingish tribute to all games Gamecube, we're talking about that handle, armadillos, non-euclidian geometry and time-honored classic Shrek Slam Shack.

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Episode #47: Survival Horror
The next podcast episode was going to release sooner but we ran out of ammo, saved, and were forced to start a new file. 
The success of Resident Evil galvanized Survival Horror in 1996, but fell off well before the current generation of consoles. What the heck happened? We talk about the appeal of Survival Horror games and why the genre conventions might be what makes them so gosh darn unmarketable nowadays.
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Episode #45: This is 2011's 2011 Year in Review.

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Episode #44: Destroy Them All

This episode is all about Japanese video game developer Treasure.  We are prepared to live in the plain and die in the plain.

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Episode #43: Holiday Deathcast II

Well it looks like you've been pretty good this year so we're resurrecting a holiday tradition (please forget that we did not resurrect this last year).

Join us as we fly blind in cold weather: heady topics abound as we talk about the guy that looks like Justin Bieber in the UMVC SoCal Regionals Finals, the strangeness of Square's output during the PSX era, people who think James in Silent Hill 2 is a swell guy, the underwhelming amount of mystery in gaming, the overwhelming terribleness of Hard Corps: Uprising, the PSP Vita, the copy of NCIS: The Game: Based on the Hit TV Series that's still sitting on my desk, and much much much much much much more. Shit!

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Episode #42: This Place is Cursed!

If you've payed even a scant amount of attention around here you've probably picked up on the general enthusiasm and fervor some of us have for From Software's "Soul" series: Demon's Souls and Dark Souls. We once did an experimental episode of the podcast which featured some footage of co-op in Demon's Souls, way back in episode 22.

Of course Dark Souls has been released since we did that, so in this episode we broaden the topic to include that game as well as its predecessor series: King's Field. This episode is about the appeal of these games, and what makes their experiences meaningful. We talk about the effectiveness of their atmosphere, the density of their combat, and the exhilarating ridiculousness of their PvP. Furthermore, someone will die at the end of this episode! 

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Episode #41: Fear of an Alien Planet

The SBDNPC peers over the edge and takes a long and ponderous look at the Metroid series.

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Episode #40: Cavia - loveletter/endnote

After a decade of making games, Cavia has ceased to exist, and are now virtually seconds away from being forgotten forever by everyone. That sure didn't stop us from dedicating an episode to them, though.

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Episode #39: Adaptation

For as long as vidcons have existed there's been a driving need to adapt their narratives into other types of media - books, television, movies, comic books, cereal - this episode we take a look at that creative process.

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Episode #38: ROM  Hacks

This epsiode, ROM hacking.  From silly sprite edits to translations to total conversions, we talk about our favorites from over the years.  Panel also discusses hacks they've either contributed to or created over the years. 

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Episode #37: Dot Matrix with Stereo Sound

The Game Boy was a damn good platform, in the end.  Built for battery life and technically inferior to the competition, but time after time developers (well, first party mostly) embraced the limitations of the system to bring us some of the best entries in many long running series... and yeah there were plenty of developers who missed the point to hilarious effect too, in attempting to shrink 8-bit and 16-bit console experiences down with no no forethought. Goddamn it why did I forget to mention Revenge of the 'Gator. 

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Episode #36: Hit to Death in the Future Head

STG's, Shooting Games, SHUMPS, Cute'Em ups, Virtual Loli Witch Simulators: whatever you choose to call them, some of us really really love playing them, and I'm proud to present to you one of the most dense and informative podcasts about a genre in the show's history.

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Episode #35: 2010 A Game Odyssey

The long overdue Selectbutton State of Vidcon 2010 Address.

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Episode # 34: Sound Music Shock!

Part two in our series of of podcasts about sound design in games. Check out episode 6 for part one!

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Episode #33: King of Development

The gang gets together to talk about how they like makin' games, and thinkin' 'bout the game design process.  Apol joins a little late and talks about ZZT, MegaZeux, and working on his game. Diplo joins even later and talks about art cookies and friendly spikes. Don't miss it!

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Episode # 32: Leveled

This episode we talk about the evolution of level design in the first person shooter genre - from Wolfenstein 3D and Rainbow Six to Deus Ex and Halo.

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Episode #31: Fighting Words 2

Well over a year later, we open the gates on another podcast about fightman genre of games. This time we talk about the release of MVC 3, the evolution of arcade culture, and some fighting games that are on the horizon... and some that are not!

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Episode #30: Platforming's Not Dead

In this episode we talk about platformers.  Our favorite games, the strange stuff, and things best left forgotten.  The odds, ends and the thousands of bottomless chasms inbetween them.

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Episode #29: CODCAST

The SBDN Podcast suits up for the CODCAST, a probe into Activision's venerable Call of Duty franchise. 


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Episode #28: One Last Battle

The SBDNPC stretches well past feature length to volley thoughts about Metal Gear Solid series. The panel observes thematic trends that have evolved and changed over time, mechanical idiosyncrasies (and failures!), and how the series manages to still produce evocative moments despite its massive history. And it's good!

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Episode #27: Boss Rush

This week we recall personal anecdotes about bosses, quirky bosses, and bosses that did (or didn't!) engage us.


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Episode #26: Contra: Aural Warfare

Embrace a never ending war against unspeakable alien horrors and huge enemy robots in a bleak, bleak, bleak post-apocalyptic episode of the selectbutton podcast.

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Episode #25: Rolling Start

The SB forums celebrates its 25th (help us) podcast episode with the racing genre.  Race to the end of this exciting podcast, which is longer than the Nordschleife.

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Episode #24: Across a Bridge, Through a Room

The Official Castlevania Podcast from the usual suspects at

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Episode #23: Dungeon Crawl

Now Playing: A SUPER HOTT meditation on the dungeon crawler genre. Listen now or suffer permadeath!  


PS this post is cursed

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Episode #21: Annual E3 Wrapup 2010

Select Button's innagural E3 show, where we talk about hot new games that had trailers with nothing in them.

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Episode #20: Live from City 17



We here at the SBDNPC like to stay relevant, so we've dedicated our lengthiest episode yet to a 6 year old computer game.

Recorded on the tail end of a forum wide playthrough of the series, the topic this week is Valve's Half Life 2 series of games.  Alternating between effusive praise and well considered criticisms, the panel dissects the most influential action/adventure FPS of the last 10 years, and considers what numerous spiritual successors have lost in translation.  But mostly we consider our fascination with nutsacks in the creature design.


If you took the last sentence as an indication that this episode would contain massive amounts of spoiler, BOY WOULD YOU EVER BE RIGHT.


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Episode #19 Ambition (Pay the Price)

In this episode of the SBDNPC we talk about games ahead of their time, particularly ones that are unplayable to this day. Discussion about not-always fondly remembered classics such as Tresspasser, Siren, and Metroid II.

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Episode #18: Belt Scroll


This week, the show topic is beat 'em ups, so don your finest jean-vest and muscle shirt to lay waste to wave after wave of criminal forces. You'll have only what you find in barrels, or rip from the arms of your opponents to make your way to the top. Have what it takes to succeed? Jump into the action in 
Select Button's Belt Scroll Podcast!

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Episode #17: Rebirth

Recreated from the ground up and retooled for the next generation of flippant tangents, the SBPC tackles reboots, remakes, and rebirths in videogames. The panel discusses numerous long-running series that have successfully reinvented themselves, and some that have fallen quite short in an attempt to pander to audience nostalgia. 

Also included at no extra cost: Vampire Killer (SBPC Mix) 

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Episode #16: The End

The podcast is done! through! finished!  This week's sudden theme concerns game endings.  Beware spoilers!

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Episode #15: Dear Sony

The panel endeavours to make sense out of Sony's bizarre decisions in the current generation of Playstation.

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Episode #14: Left 4 Dead 2: Live from the Front

This week audio is joined with thrilling video in LEFT 4 DEAD 2: LIVE FROM THE FRONT. Watch as it is proven beyond all doubt that we here at sb talk more about videogames than we play them. Learn something about the mechanics of L4D2 from imperturbable tour guide internisus while the rest of us scream like schoolchildren as we are eaten alive in post-apocalyptic New Orleans. 

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Episode #13: One Year Podcast

This episode the panel has an in-depth discussion about mecha-related games.  A can't miss for giant robot fans obsessively assembling their High Grade 1:100 Gundam models, and like, the uninitiated too.

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Episode #12: Get Real

The theme for this episode is level design that depicts realistic settings. The panel discuss numerous examples of games that strive to create believable worlds by drawing from life, and in doing so provide a clear argument as to which aspects of reality developers can successfully draw on when creating realistic stages, as well as common practices that only succeed in drawing the player out of the experience. Special consideration is given to how game mechanics allow the players to navigate and interact within these spaces,

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Episode #11: I Did It for Sega

A podcast concerning all things SEGA, Hedgehogs, and a million dreams.

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Episode 10: Rampant Localization!

This edition - a show all about the difficulties of localizing one game from one culture to the next.  This panel includes two forum members who have worked on localizations, giving the discussion a nuanced view on the challenges in localizing  - and naturalizing - games to work outside of the cultures they were born in.

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Episode 9: Galaxies vs. WoW

A laser focused discussion on what has recently become a narrow genre.  The panel discusses the leviathan that is World of Warcraft, and the promise of MMORPG's that's been lost along the way.

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Episode 8: Expandable Skill Sets

In a brave new world of Select Button podcasts, our panel reaches around the world to discuss expandable skillsets in games. Or rather, are they discussing the preposterous explosion of characters and collectibles in Rare platformers? Or Sonic?  Check it.

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Episode 7: Holiday Deathcast
No matter how you choose spend your holidays, there is one thing you can always rely on: Death! This week our panel pulls apart death, and its role in gaming. Is death an outmoded concept, a carryover from the days of credit-eating yore? Can the death mechanic actually be expanded to mean something more than an abstract tally of lives and checkpoint markers? Does the player ever stop to think about the thousands of orphans they're creating during a single stage in Dynasty Warriors 6? Probably not! Tune in!
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Episode 6: Hey! Listen!

This episode, a general dissemination of sound design in video games.  Topics include how music enhances games, the challenges of creating appropriate soundtracks in the medium, and why technical limitations aren't necessarily a bad thing.

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Episode 5: Nightmare Games

This week the panel mulls over nightmare games, unprepared for the awesome terror of Gackt.  A useful discussion containing the definition of a nightmare game, and why nightmares and video games might not always be the best bedfellows!

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Episode 4: Games in Other Media

This episode: a detailed examination of the presentation of video games in other media, including movies, music, TV and photography.

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Episode 3: The Magic is Gone

In this episode our intrepid panel reminisces about what it was like to play past the point of fun, and walking away from a game in the eleventh hour.  TURN OFF THE GAME CONSOLE NOW.

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Episode 2: Fighting Words

This week the forum gets confrontational when the focus shifts to fighting games.  In this episode: revelations about Tekken 6, accessibility in fighting games, and an exclusive segment: THE ULTIMATE Q STRATEGY.

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Episode 1: Seasons In Videogames

In the first official episode, the forum tries their damnedest to discuss seasons in videogames, and talk about Dead Rising and Zelda instead.

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Episode (-3): Subversion in Videogames Here the forum members get down right underhanded in their discussion of subversion in videogames: subversive games, subverting game mechanics, and subverting player expectations.
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In this second trial run episode the community ponders games with a lunar connections.
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Episode (-1): We Really Like Godhand The first ever trial run episode, recorded in a flurry of sturm and drang!
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